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friday food diary...

for those of you that follow this blog regularly you will know by now that i love to cook. weather its a cooking class in ubud, a walking food tour in new york or simply cooking for a group for friends and family on a lazy sunday. i truly feel at home in the kitchen. its my time to switch off and after a crappy day at work, i can create something amazing and immediately turn my night around. i can control what goes on in the kitchen and that thought alone relaxes me.

mr fly-the-coop has been on night shift for the past three weeks and to celebrate his return to normalcy requested a seafood banquet. on that note, i headed to the fresh seafood market and got some amazingly fresh produce. freshly shucked sydney rock oyster, fresh australia scallops, some wild green prawns and two fillets of line caught blue cod. not a bad yield.

so with a glass of vino, a bit of imagination and some celebrity chef inspiration, the oven was on and the butter sizzling away. i plated up seared scallops with buttered brussle-sprouts, gingered garlic prawns, fresh oysters with a asian chilli dipping sauce and cod with runner beans, roasted pine nuts and lemon. not forgetting some crusty bread, fresh lemon and gourmet seafood sauce. not bad for a friday night at home.