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nyepi in bali...

well here we are celebrating our second nyepi in bali. nyepi is unique to bali and is six days of spiritual rituals which essentially engulf the island in celebrations of all kinds. on nyepi eve or “new years eve” as we would call it, the island comes to life in a mass of paradises, ogha ogha’s, fires and music all in the bid to attract the bad spirits to bali and burn them off for the year to come. 

the next morning, commencing at approximately 6am the entire island falls into a state of silence for 24 hours and needs to be completely invisible to aircrafts and more importantly, any bad spirits that were enticed the evening before. so by silence, i mean no lights, no music, no cars, no motorbikes. 

nyepi is 24 hours where the island of bali comes to a complete standstill. no one is allowed to leave their houses, hotels or compounds. there is no honking of horns, no cars or motorbikes on the road. the only sounds that can be heard are faint barks of street dogs or chirping birds in the trees. 

this holiday is so unique that there has been a push for it to be adopted worldwide, although when experiencing this wondrous day, one can only think that it would be far to hard to get the modern first world to turn off the electricity for an entire 24 hour period. stay at home for a whole day and night and actually sit in in silence and think about life. about how fortunate you are and to ponder about those less fortunate than you and how they are spending their nyepi. 

the balinese take this holiday very seriously and fast for the 24 hours of silence day as they use this time to reflect, give thanks and to connect with their spiritual being. if you ever get the opportunity to spend some time in bali during march/april, i would encourage you to look at what date nyepi falls and get amongst the celebrations. its truely something that everyone should experience once in their life.