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day six - cruising the hudson, under the clouds...

today was an interesting mix of activities. we got up early for breakfast in dumbo, brooklyn before walking back to manhattan on the gorgeous brooklyn bridge. the view of the city, as well as the manhattan bridge was spectacular albeit cold. from here we did the downtown loop of city hall, a walk-by of the 9/11 memorial and wall street.

food has been a real focus for us and this morning breakfast was no exception as we stumbled across a small parisian bakery. this evening we headed to bombay duck in the village for some traditional mumbai street food and mind-blowing mango lassi's. some other really cool things that were encompassed in our travels today was a group of gospel harlem singers on the subway and a group of street dancers pulling some "you got served" style moves.

today wrapped up our week in new york and we have really enjoyed it. our base in greenwich village has been unreal and i definitely recommend

geanne's apartment,

just off bleecker, if you are looking for somewhere cute, well located and moderately priced. we have eaten all typed of cuisine, walked the cobblestone streets and shopped on fifth avenue. we are off to san francisco tomorrow (very early) so i hope you have enjoyed our chronicles of gotham and be sure to tune in again soon for our san fran adventures.

day five - a day in the life of a ny foodie…

today was the day where calorie counting went out the window and we became "yes men". enjoying some of the oldest dishes and most popular and iconic dishes, today we really enjoyed the new york city experience. mainly focused in the west village, we enjoying mainly italian dishes with a side of architecture. in this case, the establishments and photos speak louder than words, so here goes.

we first enjoyed a slice of authentic italian pizza at joes before heading to o & co to sample hand-picked and pressed olive oil, a three cheese rice ball from faicco's italian specialities, the amazing cauliflower dish at palma (where we also got to see the private dining rooms of the really rich and famous), the classic eggplant rollatini at rafele's, chocolate cookies at the milk and cookies bakery, three different cheeses at murray's cheese shop (i'm in heaven) and a fresh cannoli from rococo's.

todays walking food tour was a real reprieve from the sub-zero winter winds that descended on manattan. with one more day in the big apple, tomorrow will be a busy day.

day four - ahhh the cobblestone streets of little italy…

today has been pretty manic. we woke to blaring sirens and billows of smoke coming from uptown and upon turning on the news, found out the two buildings had exploded on park avenue and that all train lines heading north were suspended until further notice. the scary thing for new yorkers is that the first thing that comes to mind is a terrorism attack and that was exactly the first thing off the tip of most peoples tongues this morning. we now know that there was a major gas leak and there were some fatalities.

our day today consisted of meandering the old worldly streets of soho and little italy before heading into china town for a peak around and in search of some dumplings. little italy really is everything you would imagine and more. tables and chairs line the streets and sleek italians greet you as you walk by, ciao bella are you ready for lunch. its idyllic and i hope that one september we may be in town to attend the san gennaro feast - where restaurants take to the streets in a three day festival with authentic italian foods, wine and entertainment all the while, soaking up the last of the summer sun. divine.

china town was pretty similar to any other china town you may find around the globe. stores, restaurants and markets all flow from one another with various herbal medicine stores and some fake bag stores thrown into the mix, make for a crazy and smell-ified experience. smells come from every direction, good, putrid and interesting. unfortunately we were unable to find any dumplings so headed on back to soho to nosh on some pizza and beer for lunch.

although our feet were screaming at us to stop, we headed uptown to see times square before the weather takes a turn for the worst in the coming days. it was just as hectic was one would imagine with people, billboards and cars thickly lining every street. tonight we are heading to a comedy club. greenwich village is famous for its comedy clubs as well as jazz and blues clubs, so thats on the agenda for tomorrow night.

we are thoroughly enjoying exploring the restaurants around soho and the west village, as well as the shopping spots that pop up when you are on your way from one place to another. this morning we stubbled upon a great little store called oatmeals. a restaurant where all food on the menu (apart from the coffee) is based around oats, and its amazing. i had a four fruit oatmeal bowl with almond milk and organic honey and kurt treated himself of a mama-bear bowl of banana, peanut butter and honey oats with full fat milk. delicious.

day three - lunching in central park...

the only way to convey how much walking we have done the past few days is to tell you that the blisters on our feet are so deep and painful, that i am weighing up wearing my havaianas out tomorrow. with the forecast saying a low of minus 5 and rain, with possible snow flurries… you know its bad. not even the "fashion is pain" mantra is registering, i am so far past caring.

it was a glorious day in gotham today. i pose this question to you - is there a better way to spend a sunny spring day in new york than checking out the view 86 stories above the city, at the empire state building. from all points, north, south, east and west - the iconic spots, parks and even the statue of liberty were on display and shining in all their glory.

then further uptown we waited in line at the shake shack on the upper west side to get our hands on their famed cheese burgers and home made lemonade. we then took our delicious lunch to central park to check out the sights and take in the sun. central park really holds a special place in the hearts of new yorkers, it really is a special spot in the midst of such chaos.

with spring well and truly in the air, we have noticed new yorkers going a little crazy for the warmer weather, especially today. tables were out on the side walks with locals wining and dining, people were picnicking on any available lawn space and the squirrels were busy at work. we were even lucky to see a movie getting shot in the southern end of central park this afternoon and while heading toward fifth avenue, barack obama was seen shopping in gap as we passed by.

day two - getting artsy in midtown...

sitting here watching sex and the city and enjoying a glass of vino, it seems somewhat surreal to be in new york city. today we headed toward midtown to make our way through some of the neighbourhoods that make this city famous. first up was chelsea. after getting off the subway, we headed to the high line; an elevated railway track that has been converted into a community park that runs from gansevoort street in the meatpacking district to west 34th street. while not in full bloom at the moment, the park proved a great vantage point for seeing the skyline and some great street art.

we then headed to the chelsea market for some lunch. essentially a giant block of gourmet eateries, fruit and vegetables stores, wine cellars and freshly baked goods, this market which sits alongside the hudson river is only 15 years young but already an iconic spot for lunching new yorkers and hungry tourists. after a few months of spanish-inspired foods and now burgers, pizzas and fries, it was nice having asian inspired food to chow down on.

after doing some window browsing of the art galleries that line the gorgeous streets of chelsea, we slowly made our way back to greenwich village and soho through the gorgeous west village. with a walking tour along the famed bleecker street locked in for later in the week, we opted for greenwich avenue. a picturesque tree-lined street with restaurants, florists and bookstores all billowing out onto the street. we saw three seasons in one day today - waking to snow flurries, which then turned to an overcast winters day before the sun came out in the late afternoon. i can safely say that it was easy to see how people fall in love with this city.

p.s. we popped into dash (soho) this afternoon and i was amazed at the amount of young girls harassing the poor staff members about the kardashian family… speaking of - a few girls we passed in the street were pointing out brody jenner in an art gallery today, so maybe we can do some start spotting later this week.

p. p.s. i thought i would add a few pictures of our

amazing apartment in greenwich village

. also pose the question… where else can you find punnets of fresh raspberries for $2?