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this weekend kurt and i hoped over the ditch for a long weekend to catch up with the family, drink some amazing new zealand wine and generally soak up the loveliness that is effectively the land of the long white cloud. we chose the perfect weekend to head over, with cloudless skies and sunshine accompanying us the entire weekend.

one of the unfortunate things about not living close to your grandparents is that you often don't get to spend a lot of time listening to the many many wise things they have learnt over the years. whenever i go and spend time with my pop, i love hearing is anecdotes about how to grow the perfect veggie patch. as a youngster it was never really something that interested me but now as a property owner and keen green-thumb i so enjoy hearing about how to collect seeds, graft this to that and discuss the next harvest.

if you are ever so lucky to visit new zealand, spring is certainly the best time of year to go. with farmers markets, crisp sunny days and lambs frolicking next to their mothers in rolling green paddocks being nothing out of the ordinary - why wouldn't you.