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day three - lunching in central park...

the only way to convey how much walking we have done the past few days is to tell you that the blisters on our feet are so deep and painful, that i am weighing up wearing my havaianas out tomorrow. with the forecast saying a low of minus 5 and rain, with possible snow flurries… you know its bad. not even the "fashion is pain" mantra is registering, i am so far past caring.

it was a glorious day in gotham today. i pose this question to you - is there a better way to spend a sunny spring day in new york than checking out the view 86 stories above the city, at the empire state building. from all points, north, south, east and west - the iconic spots, parks and even the statue of liberty were on display and shining in all their glory.

then further uptown we waited in line at the shake shack on the upper west side to get our hands on their famed cheese burgers and home made lemonade. we then took our delicious lunch to central park to check out the sights and take in the sun. central park really holds a special place in the hearts of new yorkers, it really is a special spot in the midst of such chaos.

with spring well and truly in the air, we have noticed new yorkers going a little crazy for the warmer weather, especially today. tables were out on the side walks with locals wining and dining, people were picnicking on any available lawn space and the squirrels were busy at work. we were even lucky to see a movie getting shot in the southern end of central park this afternoon and while heading toward fifth avenue, barack obama was seen shopping in gap as we passed by.