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day six - cruising the hudson, under the clouds...

today was an interesting mix of activities. we got up early for breakfast in dumbo, brooklyn before walking back to manhattan on the gorgeous brooklyn bridge. the view of the city, as well as the manhattan bridge was spectacular albeit cold. from here we did the downtown loop of city hall, a walk-by of the 9/11 memorial and wall street.

food has been a real focus for us and this morning breakfast was no exception as we stumbled across a small parisian bakery. this evening we headed to bombay duck in the village for some traditional mumbai street food and mind-blowing mango lassi's. some other really cool things that were encompassed in our travels today was a group of gospel harlem singers on the subway and a group of street dancers pulling some "you got served" style moves.

today wrapped up our week in new york and we have really enjoyed it. our base in greenwich village has been unreal and i definitely recommend

geanne's apartment,

just off bleecker, if you are looking for somewhere cute, well located and moderately priced. we have eaten all typed of cuisine, walked the cobblestone streets and shopped on fifth avenue. we are off to san francisco tomorrow (very early) so i hope you have enjoyed our chronicles of gotham and be sure to tune in again soon for our san fran adventures.