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if you google the 22 day vegan challenge no doubt beyonce and jay-z's celebrity attempt at it - is what will transpire. i suppose that any time a celebrity puts their weight (no pun intended) behind something, its bound to increase a cause's awareness. anyways, here is a link to j's blog post announcing his decision to a plant based diet (

kurt and i embarked on this challenge with my good friend jenna (who you will remember from previous stints in bali and japan). kicking off on may 19, we have been going vegan all the way. the premise behind this challenge, which it really is sometimes, is you are crucially more conscious of your food choices and reducing your impact on the environment.

according to peta each vegan saves around 100 animals per year and decreases the amount of gases (read. farts) released into the atmosphere and the amount of pollution released from meat processing factories, therefore making vegan a much "greener" and earth friendly choice. 

i wanted to take on this challenge for a number of reasons. one was that i dont think dairy is particularly good for me. apparently it wasnt when i was a tot in nappies and still now, a creamy carbonara does not always sit well in my tummy. secondly, i have always been funny about eggs. i dont know why but i always have, just the thought of what an egg is, freaks me out. i also thought it was a good amount of time to monitor any changes in my body directly resulting in cutting out certain food groups. 

kurt on the other hand opted in on this challenge, one to be a supportive boyfriend and two, because i do all the cooking. so if he wasnt up for this then he would have to fend for himself, and three weeks worth of cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner was perhaps a little daunting for one that cooks sporadically. 

kurt has lost a staggering five kilograms as a result of this challenge and i two kilograms. which goes to show, this could be an interesting weight-loss journey, if you are so inclined. anyways, i kept a diary of our time and have picked out my favorite ones to publish.

May 19: Day 1 – Spent 10 hours in the kitchen to prepare for the week ahead last night. But the first day is looking good. I am pretty hungry come lunch time. Looking into buying Vitamin Supplements as there is a vast amount of information on the internet about the things Vegans can’t get from just a fruit and plant based diet, such as Vitamin B12 and Omega 3’s (must find vegan options on lunch break). 

May 21: Day 3 – Feeling great today. Lots of energy. Baked some vegan cupcakes for my sisters birthday and they were delicious. Deviated a little last night from the allocated meal planner and made an amazing Mac and Cheese. Out for a birthday dinner tonight and when I called ahead to see if they chef would accommodate two vegan, they said yes. Feeling a little lighter and the scales are reflecting that. 

May 26: Day 8 – Feeling really lethargic and low on energy today. Hating life and actually just want something fattening and unhealthy. Am going to reign in Kurt to cook tonight.

May 26: Day 10 – I think Vegan is going to make me bankrupt. Buying cashew nuts in particular is really expensive. Its crazy to me that the government is always on about the obesity epidemic Australia is currently going through, but eating healthy is so expensive. No wonder people turn to deep fried, takeout food. Its so much cheaper. Perhaps they should look at increasing the tax on fatty foods and putting levies in place to make fresh and healthy foods more affordable? 

May 30: Day 12 – We had an amazing dinner last night so spirits are on a high.  Short day at work today and am finally ready to get back into exercise as I feel like I am functioning well. I feel healthy. Monday morning will see me get back on track with a good workout routine! I can’t wait. 

June 3: Day 16 – Feeling good and energetic today. Remembered to take my multi-vitamin as well as having a nice fresh juice for breakfast. Skin looking glowy and delving into Kimberly Snyders book The Beauty Detox. It’s amazing.

June 5: Day 18 – I am having a really crappy day at work today so that is reflecting in my mood. All I want is some pasta and wine so tonight, while it will be vegan, I am breaking all the cardinal “diet” rules. 

June 9: Day 22 – Today is the last day of this three week challenge and unfortunately I am not able to enjoy it as much as I would like, due to a stomach bug. Boo! It certainly has been an interesting few weeks and I must admit, despite my illness, I do feel a lot cleaner. I won’t be introducing diary or eggs back into my diet however feel that some nice organic wild salmon wouldn’t go astray every so often. 

some of the sites i used throughout this challenge, which may assist you if you are thinking about giving this a shot.