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hit`em up style in hong kong
more of a prolonged pitt-stop than a visit, we took in the sights of hong kong with alot of excitement. rearing to get into china, we realised a little to late that we would have to extend our time in hk to ensure enough working business days to process a visa. on that note we joined the heards and did some of the ultra touristy activities on offer in and around hk island. 

first up was the tram to victoria peak. unfortunately we missed out on taking one of the 'ideallic' photos over hk island and bustling harbour as the mountian was covered in clouds. rather than venture out into the windy, rainy and sleety viewing platform, we enjoyed extra large coffees and watched as children lost their beanies over the side of the platform. next we opted to head to central for a spot of shopping and some traditional dim sum. on the train we hopped and into h & m we went. we also did a few of the cities top walking tours around kowloon, sheung wan and admirality. we got a serious reality check once arriving at our accommodation which was a one and a half meter by one and a half meter square box with just enough room for a bed. for the price of what we were paying, we could almost rent out the penthouse suites in the rest of the places we have visited in ssia.

we saw some great things and ate some amazing foods all over town and enjoyed the independance of being able to navigate the local mrt subway system. hong kong was a great vibrant city with some serious attitude. the resturants and shops were amazing and priced as anticipated but it still exuded an expensive vibe with chanel, gucci and burberry stores lining most street corners. our general consensus: fabo for a holiday or two day layover, not-so fabo for the everyday backpacker.

pics. hong kong street, kurt at victoria peak, us at victor harbour, hong kong night market and us looking at the christmas displays before heading into china.