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well peeps, i am four months in and i wanted to put pen to paper and share some of the lessons and learnings from my journey into motherhood thus far. i am by no means an expert, nor do i consider myself to be but these are some of the things that help me get through the days.

  1. no two days are ever the same. one day we will have a perfect day - peaches will follow her routine to the minute and i can get a million things done and the very next day, things turn to shit and i get nothing done and spend the whole day wondering what i did differently. was it something i ate, did i miss a tired cue etc. you can never predict what the day will look like so don’t try to. 

  2. we are routine based parents and that’s what works for us. as mentioned in my previous post, i returned to work at six weeks and therefore we need to have a schedule to follow to ensure the days are consistent for sunny, weather she’s at home with me, our nanny or with one of her grandmothers’. each day we follow a feed, awake time/play and nap schedule that allows us all to be on the same page.

  3. we decided at around three weeks the we were open to using a pacifier, much to some people’s dismay. she hasn’t completely taken to it however sometimes it buys us an extra 20 minutes to get a few things done before we need to resettle, cuddle or simply chat to her. 

  4. sleep times vary as do the ways in which we put her down. some naps we put her down drowsy but awake and she drifts off to sleep on her own. sometimes she needs a bit of a cuddle and falls asleep in our arms. seldomly, she falls asleep whilst feeding. it really differs each day however we do stick to the same pattern each and every evening and that’s bath, feed and bed between 5pm-6pm. peaches absolutely love her bath time so she knows her routine well so we opt not to mess with it. 

  5. four months is a big leap for babies so this is when we decided to stop swaddling her and make the transition to sleep suits, one for day and one for night. another big change that we cemented at four months is the swap from her bassinet to a cot. she is currently going through the four month sleep regression, day sleeps for the most part, so we strategically decided to let her arms go free at this time, our method – given she was going to be having crap quality sleep, why not get it all over with at once. 

  6. peaches combined her own evening sleep feeds at around six weeks. the 10pm feed and 2am feed linked, and we now feed once overnight, usually around 1am which gets her through to 530am. so our evenings are: 5pm bath, 530pm feed, 6pm sleep, 1am feed and at 5/530am she wakes for the day. Our days are 6am feed, 10am feed and 2pm feed with the rest of the days made of naps and awake time/play time. She has been on this routine since birth and its been a god-send. 

  7. we started introducing solids (as per our paediatricians’ recommendation) one small amount once per day, either avocado or banana mashed with a little bit of breast milk and some baby rice formula – and i have to say, peaches loves them – at four months.  

  8. we mix feed. peaches gets 85% breast milk and 15% formula and it doesn’t upset her tummy. this helps when i need to go away for work overnight and it also allows others to assist, if need be. 

  9. don’t over google things. in the first few weeks google will be your best friend but with so many conflicting opinions and advice. 

  10. Do something for yourself, even if its little, each and every day. One day it might be a 30-minute exercise session, a quick facial, a mani/pedi or a blow-dry. I think its so important to try and get a little self-love in there once per day. A must do, non-negotiable, is get dressed and pop a little makeup on daily. This doesn’t sound like much, but it will ensure you feel a little normal, no matter how little sleep.

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