our third trimester...


well peeps its a bit late but better late than never. my third trimester was a rollercoaster of good days and bad days. the evenings were uncomfortable and looking back i wish i had made the most of a full nights sleep in the second trimester as i pretty much got zero in the final few weeks.

i had to admit defeat and purchase some actual maternity wear and ended up pretty much living in dresses and one pair of lulu lemon gym pants (yep the ones i blogged about in the first trimester) in the lead up to miss peaches parker arriving.

after looking back at my pregnancy it was pretty incredible to think that she’s already been to so many countries (singapore, malaysia, thailand, uk, france and the usa - some multiple times) so i really hope she’s got the travel bug.

a few sites and things that got me through my final trimester are listed below that may or may not come in handy if you are also cooking a bun in the oven.


i knew pretty much as soon as we found out that we were expecting that i wanted to get her onto a feeding routing asap. i am not one to pass judgement on others as parenting is 100% different from couple to couple however i knew that we would function better as parents getting her onto a schedule from day dot. this site was recommended to us and its got some amazing info and scheduling routines on there.


adding on to the below post from our first trimester, i snapped up a few items from legeo heritage whilst on sale, i opted for some items that were cute and practical but also “feeding friendly” a term that multiple people started dropping once we got into the final trimester.


some new pj’s and slippers that can also double up for when you’re in hospital. as i was wanting to ensure that i wasn’t going out to purchase too many new items that were only going to work whilst pregnant i made sure that these babies were going to work post-pregnancy. they are practical and pretty damn cute.

maternity bras are a must and if you havent already, go and get some bras that fit well and don’t have an underwire.

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