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nb. this post was written in january and i literally just realised i forgot to post - whoops! pregnancy brain.

one of the many perks of my job is that i get to extensively travel the world. some trips there is no time to stop and smell the roses literally, its go-go-go, all our time in uber’s, airports, planes and hotels and other times we have a few days here and there to make the most of the many cities i get to visit to take some down time. this last minute trip to the usa was the latter and i was fortunate to get a weekend off.

its been a few years since ive been to new york and this last minute dot com trip got me a little excited to explore some of my favourite neighbour hoods and see whats new, whats happening and where the cool peeps are hanging. 

we based ourselves in the east village in a gorgeous apartment from the folks at one fine stay, which is, in my opinion, the way to do it if you are away for longer than a few days and want to have kitchen facilities to use.

you know how much i love eating my way around the various places we visit so here are some of the spots we frequented that were definitely worth the treks in the snow, sub-zero tempratures and the long waits, in some instances:

best for coffee: blue bottle coffee, plant shed and kaffe 1668.

best for breakfast, the standard east, the smile and the loyal.

best for lunch: ed’s lobster shack, jacks wife frieda and the smith.

 best for groceries: whole foods and the westside market.  

 some of my favourite shopping haunts: anthropology, urban outfitters, sephora, le labo, diptyque, glossier and the detox market.

where i look for recommendations: refinery29, thrilist.com, trip advisor, time out, goop and the gothamist.

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