our second trimester...


ok we got through the second trimester… just. unfortunately i had severe morning sickness (read head in toilet bowel) right up to 20 weeks so its suffice to say i wasn’t loving being pregnant in the second trimester - even though most women say its their favourite time, i had no such luck.

now i am through the morning sickness, i am feeling a little more like myself and am even back to walking and have gotten back into the occasional yoga class which is doing a lot for my 2019 new years resolution of wanting to be more “mindful”.

peach, as we are lovingly referring to her as, is healthy and tracking along well, the doctor is super happy with how shes progressing and both kurt and i are loving feeling her cute little kicks in the evenings when we finally have a chance to slow down.

i have started to get through a bit of a shopping list (this one is magic) and managed to kick some serious goals last week when i picked up the pram and finally decided on a car seat and even put it on lay-by. i mean - who am i even. haha.

i wanted to note a few things that i have been thoroughly enjoying now i am over the half way mark in the hopes it might get you thinking about potentially spending a little time on you.

i have been keeping my monthly facial appointments to ensure that elusive “glow” doesn’t fade but given the handful of changes your body goes through i have also upped my manicure and pedicures as my nails are one, growing insanely fast but two - my skin all over seems to be needed a bit of tlc at the moment.

I am also investing in a pregnancy massage once every six weeks and am also enjoying a few additional blow dries. whilst you are growing and stretching and feeling far from sexy, i personally don’t think spending a little on making yourself look your best, is going to hurt.

as mentioned above and in the previous post, i think its super important to stay active and move your body. weather its a walk after dinner, a light weights session or a few minutes meditation in the am to regroup and chill, both your body and the bub will love you for it.

finally - take some time to makes notes and maybe keeping a pregnancy journal. i have been reading through nurture, a gorgeous book which gives you well informed, holistic approach to the changes you will go through pre-during and post-pregnancy. but she highly recommends journaling throughout your journey not only to connect with your babe but also to take some time out of the day to sit still and actually think about the present.

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