well we have some news for you...


you heard it here first… we are pregnant and having a little girl come april 2019, making us currently 14 weeks.

this week, she’s a peach, so we are loving referring to her as peaches and for some reason, its sticking, much to kurts dismay.

little poppet is a complete surprise and we have come to think of it as the universe having a bigger and better plan for us.

this being the case, i am determined not to let my resolution of visiting a new country each year from the age of 30 - and 2018 saw me add kuwait to the list, albeit by defaults it was a work trip.

i am currently going through the rollercoaster of emotions, some days its excitement and elation, other days its complete apprehension and anxiety as i am roughly three years off the age we were thinking of maybe talking about trying.

i am going to start compiling a list of all the things i have been using/avoiding through the up’s and downs of severe morning sickness and how we are coping with this new-found change of direction.

do you have any recommendations of things we should start looking at buying now that we are into the second trimester?

Jamee ParkerComment