our first trimester...


morning sickness is real and man oh man did i get it bad! now im not a vomit-er at the best of times (unless its self/wine-inflicted) so the “literal” projectile vomiting that comes with morning sickness was completely foreign to me. 

unfortunately, at this point, i don’t think i am going to be one of those pregnant women who says, oh i loved everything about pregnant – this is based on a few things… one being – the headaches, morning sickness and other uncontrollable things such as sleepless-ness, being completely out of your control.

second is the drastic change of diet based on the fact that you cant stomach anything, so i was basically living on plain pasta and cheese most evenings or vegemite on toast each and every morning.

fyi - we found out baby at around eight weeks so we were a good chunk of the way through the first trimester before things really started turning pear shaped, which i suppose is a good thing, we made up for it well and truely for the next six weeks.

so… i am absolutely not clued up on having a baby, i have never been one of those females who pictured themselves pregnant or wondered what their baby will look like… but – i am going to share some of the items/apps/miscellaneous things that have been a godsend since this new chapter began for us. 


both kurt and i are using the app, what to expect when you are expecting, its really educational with its weekly video as you progress. you get daily tips for you and the baby as well as its got a great search function if you have any questions and forums to get amongst if you want to chat with other mums-to-be.  

pregnancy+ is another one i am using which gives you cute little size guides each week about what your bub is. this week for example, on the size scale, we are either a peach, a duckling or a brownie. 

one for first time dads is, whos your daddy, one both kurt and i love as it puts everything into man terms. i.e. this week your baby is the weight of a fishing lure and the size of a floppy disk etc. 


from around week eight i really struggled wearing pants, not because they didn’t fit me (i am currently 14 weeks and still fit all my clothes) but your become super sensitive as your tummy grows.

i have been living in bassike dresses (try david jones sale section), a couple of bae the label numbers and i also just received my first delivery of asos maternity wear – all are relatively cheap and bassike dresses aren’t maternity so can be used post-bub. 

get yourself a comfortable sleep shirt – i absolutely love my personalised one from jasmine and will – or a nice set of pj’s, you’ll be so tired, your favourite place will literally be your bed. 

i also invested at 12 weeks in some calvin klein briefs and crop tops which i am living in as the weather gets warmer, particularly to sleep in and given the fact that my boobs have nearly doubled in size, underwire bras wont be comfortable for much longer. 


a good water bottle to keep you hydrated.

i have been treating myself to sparkling mineral water with a dash of lime cordial and fresh lime - its really refreshing and can be served in a wine glass with lots of ice when you are socialising so you don’t feel left out.

i have kept up training with my pt throughout pregnancy and have found it amazing even when i don’t feel like it - keeping your body moving is important - just make sure you let your trainer know how far along you are so they can modify your routine.

these lululemon pants are amazing if you are wanting to stay active and fit.

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