when one door closes...


when one door opens... a great start to any sentence i think. in my dreams the end of that sentence would be pack your bags and go travelling, but in this instance, it ends with another one opens. when one door closes, another one opens, and so begins this little blog update. 

kurt and i left bali roughly a week ago, bound for australia. thats right, we packed our bags, moved out of our villa, had a little mini-vacay and bid farewell to bali as our home (at least for the time being). we can tick that little goodie off the bucket list. live in bali for six months. check check and check. 

bali was a blast at times, a whirlwind of fun, excitement and craziness all in one eight month bundle of shenanigans. we loved it and hated it (sometimes) but would not change a thing about calling bali our home from february - september 2016. 

we are now back on home soil and whilst its not as chaotic as bali, we have a few exciting months ahead of us with a big home renovation, a wedding in feb 2017 scheduled and some fabulous prospects on the job front - all in sight. 

this being the case, we will be doing a lot of travel around this glorious country for the time being so stay tuned for some fun updates about the spots that we will visit between now and our next big adventure. 


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