i am a blogging bride...


the blogging bride. the blushing bride. i am beginning to swish these fun terms around in my mind, similar to swishing around a nice mouthful of fine red wine on a cold winters evening.

its just gone a little over two and a half weeks since kurt and i set a wedding date, which was in fact roughly six months almost to the date, that we will inevitably wed.

this being the case, i thought i might document my journey of pulling a wedding together in five and a half months for those also considering pulling off the “impossible” as many peeps have said to me recently.

before i go into too much detail, i would like to disclose a few things. i have a bit of experience managing and organising events as i worked as a part-time wedding coordinator at a fancy resort whilst at university. this however by no means makes me an expert! the next thing you must know is that i am a typical anal-retentive virgo and like to work with lists, diaries and calendars and i consider myself pretty darn organised.

and so begins this mini-series of the blogging bride (jamee edition) which will be exciting, nerve-wracking and you will probably begin to notice that the closer the wedding gets, the more wine i will consume whilst juggling work, travel, home renovations, exercise and planning a wedding.

pick the date

kurt proposed on august 5, 2016 in bali, the details here on an earlier blog, we moved back to australia on august 28, which was also the date we chose our wedding date. whilst swimming and sipping bintangs and watching the clock to when we needed to jump into a cab enroute to the airport, saturday 25 febuary was decided upon.

get my butt into gear (and shape)

the next thing i did, which some of you may think is weird, was go to the gym and sign up with a personal trainer. with a little under six months, this for me, was crucial as i want to look my best and therefore diet and exercise needs to be high priority.

hair and beauty

as you know, i work for an incredible skincare company, so all things hair and beauty are at the top of my list (always). preparation is crucial for healthy and glowing skin and luscious locks. not only was this week focused around getting a big hair cut and overhauling my haircare regime, i started to lock in my facials for the next few months. i am aiming to get a treatment every three weeks, so this first week i started with a much needed microdermabrasion which will be followed this week by my second treatment, a peel.

another note on this. i have also started to grow out my brows, even more than usual, as i have a particular shape in mind and do need a bit of time to achieve this. rather than usual waxes, i am going to step up the brow-tints and keep them tidy myself in the coming months.


according to wedding website the knot, there are a few crucial things that i should have locked and loaded at this point, but as mentioned, we are only now into week three so there are still a lot of loose ends dangling around.

what i have managed to do at this stage is: chose a location for the ceremony and reception, order save the dates (they are currently at the printer) and choose the wedding stationary, compile a wedding guest list and obtain addresses, i have booked our makeup artist, we have secured our dj for the reception, booked and paid for accommodation for the bridal parties, secured a location for the “recovery brunch”, started feeling out locations for the rehearsal dinner and welcome bbq and this weekend we are meeting with a potential civil celebrant with the view of looking him in asap provided we gel with him at coffee.

obviously there are a lot of other things in the pipeline but at this stage, we are feeling good about it all. calm and somewhat collected. i purchased hello may this week and have been browsing the pages for some inspiration and must admit, this has already come in handy with a fabulous discount code to the print fairy, the spot i am using for the stationary.

let me know if you have pulled together a wedding in six months or less and give me any hints and tips!

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