amazing amed...


for those of you who know us, kurt and i have always held a place in our hearts for amed. in the past we have driven around the island and always seem to come back to this quiet and quaint fishing village and we can't really put our finger on why.

after recently finishing the refurbishments of our vintage motorcycles (pictured above) we couldn't wait to get out on the open road and head to amed for a long weekend away. as i am sure you can image, the trip was meant to take roughly two hours but given bali traffic, the unpredictable downpours of rain and the general fact that i am completely new to motorbike riding, the trip took just over four hours.

yes there were a few road-side stops (nb. tantrums) along the way however we finally reached amed, albeit a little wet and wired from the ride and happened upon a glorious villa that could accommodate us last minute. it was a real treat for us (villa bukit segara) and to make the tiresome ride all the more worth it, out came a glorious bottle of champagne which kurt had smuggled with him all the way from perth and to cut a long story short, kurt proposed that afternoon overlooking the ocean and i of course said yes! 

apparently, unbeknownst to me, at the beginning of the year kurt said to himself, it that woman rides a motorbike to amed - i'll marry her - and so i did, and so he popped the question in the most perfect and surprising way. so needless to say we are now in that newly-engaged phase but back to the story, we still had to ride back to seminyak. i can tell you, my butt did not want to get back on that motorbike seat after the ride over but the scenery was well worth the trip home. 

if you are heading to bali and have a few days spare, i urge you to make your way to amed, if you are reluctant to leave the island but want to get away from the hustle and bustle. sure its quiet, but the locals are friendly, the seafood is always fresh and you can't help but be charmed by the picturesque coastline and the crystal clear sea. 

Jamee ParkerComment