news flash - i might actually like bangkok...

ok coop-ettes i am about to make a big change on stance here. my own stance that is.. i might actually like bangkok. after a few previous disasters here including bombings, a political crisis and many food-borne illnesses… i have not always had a fondness for bangkok.

a few weeks ago however i spent three evenings (for work – but i have tried to make the most of my down time) and i do believe this thriving metropolis may have something to offer after all...

after landing at around 2pm on an overcast saturday afternoon i was content with spending an afternoon lounging by the pool however that was not to be (read. rainy season) so it was a relaxing bath (much needed after my travels in singapore and malaysia), a movie and room service. for those of you who follow my blog, this is not something that i usually do, however i really enjoyed every selfish minute of it.

sunday was my day. i had always planned on making the most of my one day off so it was a private driver, chatuchak markets, nahm for dinner and off to maggie choo’s for a night cap. i felt that i really had planned the perfect day, which captured the essence of bangkok… from the markets and haggling to a very well-reviewed spot for dinner (read foodies from all around the world) before a well-deserved nightcap at a downtown favourite.

big shout-out to the gorg folk at a pair and a spare for there weekend itinerary ideas!

not once this trip did i venture out in a tuk-tuk or hit a street stall for some tom-yum but i must admit, this being my first time to travel to these places solo, i really needed to feel confident and safe in my surroundings. needless to say, the oriental residence was the perfect base (#workperks).

p.s. sorry about the shit quality of pictures on this post, there were taken on iphone.




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