when nature attacks...


well its offical - there are so many, so many good things that i could highlight about being a permanent resident of bali. however on this occasion, i would like to point out the not so good things. the things that are like an emotional slap in the face. 

it has taken a bit of getting used to living on my own. not that i am alone all the time, kurt is here 50/50 and man oh man, sometimes i do revel in having my own space. there are no wet towels and board shorts left on the floor all over the house, no empty bottles of bintang in the sink (naturally the rubbish bin is next to the sink but they havent quite made it there) phone charges and cables left all over the place - you get my drift.

you see when i am alone i revel in eating a bowl of pasta, watching netflix and having a nice glass of vino or having giving myself a facial/manicure and pedicure whilst listening to backdated hack podcasts. 

but today, things came to a head and i need to highlight the benefits of having a man around the house. when it suits, of course. today i was showering. just taking a leisurely shower after a busy morning of body pump, breakfast and emails when i reach for my trusty frank body scrub.

this is an everyday occurrence, something i would never even think twice about. except today, i unassumingly reached my hand into the bag to scoop up a handful of coffee granules in anticipation of exfoliating away the dead skin cells sitting on my skin - when.... a dead gecko found its way into the scoop of coffee scrub i was about to liberally apply al over my body...

just the other day there was a gigantic spider in my bathroom and too afraid to kill it or try and move it along, as i don't know what type of weird tropical venom these balinese spiders have, i locked the door and hoped it wouldn't make my way into my bedroom and make a nest in my hair while i slept.

another thing that happened to me last week, which was relatively mortifying was that i was just riding along, on my scooter, minding my own business on my way to lunch and a wasp flew into my helmet and starting stinging my neck. obviously i was moving at a quick pace on the bike and couldn't just pull over to kill it, no. i had to let it bite me until it was safe for me to come to a complete stop. needless to say, luck i am not allergic to stings of this nature. however i did have a red neck for the next few days which was covered in welts. 

so i must admit that i am just waiting for an effing snake to make its way into my kitchen one day soon while i am cooking some food and my trifecta of nature hating on me may be over with... i don't know.

this may all seem a little odd and like i am carrying on a bit, but when you have no-one to come home to, no one to move the spiders on or someone to care a little if you have wasp stings all over your neck, it is a little bit of a reality check. 

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