our bali life...


april is my favourite time in bali. there is always the lingering smell of fire in the air and a real energy. its rice harvesting time so the streets are abuzz from first light with locals in their little handwoven hats heading out into the fields for a long day of pick, pick, picking.

the endless blue skies are now only broken by the occasional welcome spur of rain as opposed to the daily race to get home to beat the looming storm during the wet season and the humidity seems to be dying off.

people either love bali or they hate it. you never really seem to talk to a person who is ho-hum about bali. i truely believe that to enjoy this place and really just "get it", you need to give yourself over to bali and just go with the flow.

bali has its own pulse. its a living, working organism that has blood flowing through its veins. the balinese people have a vibrancy and kindness to them, they value family and hard work and are always busy - there is always somewhere to be, somewhere to go or someone that needs tending to.

kurt and i often and talk about bali and our magical life here, which unfortunately he only gets to experience 50% if the time. but we discuss riding a motorbike and how it truely is one of the best ways to experience the true bali.

the smells, yes good (think sate ayam on the open grill) and bad... (use your imagination) , the sounds, of honking horns, ringing bells and chit chat, you get either the sun, smog or rain on your face and really get amongst the daily grind of bali... so tell me this - when are you coming to visit?


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