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well here is my last food post for a little bit, to wrap up the three part series of great bali eateries for breakfast, lunch and dinner. i hope you have enjoyed these suggestions and that they assist you on where to eat on your holiday/ weekend trip or even if your an expat looking for new spots to frequent.

dinner would absolutely have to be my favourite meal of the day, period. i love spending time choosing a cuisine, a restaurant and am usually able to pop in somewhere for drinks either before or after. by doing this, i am usually able to tick a few different spots off my list as well as have a cocktail (or two) before dinner. 


petitenget - one of my new favourite spots for b,l or dinner however dinner at this place is a real treat. the wine menu is just as extensive as the food menu, which is rare in bali. wine is a commodity (seriously a $4 bottle of wine in australia runs for around $25 here) so its a real treat. the homemade pasta will blow your mind and the great thing about petitenget is that they will often send small tasters free of charge in between courses. (pic 1 below)

la baracca - this is one of my go to spots for a cracking pizza. the simple pizzas are very similar to what you will find in europe. minimal toppings but great quality. my go-to is certainly their proscuitto pizza with rocket. i will admit, i do even go-jek this place if i'm swimming in the pool and cant be bothered leaving the villa. 

motel mexicola - a firm fav for tourists and expats alike however its certainly over rated but is a go-to if on your first trip to bali and want to get into the mix. the vibe here is great. the staff and the music are both fantastic. the mexican is good but over priced for what it is. book in advance. 

hanks pizza -  a real expat spot, this place is great on a thursday night for drinks, pizza and some good live local talent. this place is known for its mean cocktails and also gets a bit crazy later in the evening. its a great spot to get a little loose before a night out. 

watercress - the food here is always colourful, fresh, healthy, seasonal and fresh. its worth booking in here if you are staying in north seminyak or petitenget for a consistent, well priced dinner spot. 

saigon street - vietnamese that will blow your mind. this is a great spot if you are either at the w hotel or potato head for sunset cocktails. all you have to do is walk across the road and you'll think you are in a groovy little spot in ho chi minh city. everything on the menu is good. strike that. fantastic. another plus here is that they serve champagne by the glass, another rarity in bali. (pic 2 below).

the butchers club - oh em gee. i heard about this place from a few of the girls at the gym. go figure given that you would have to work out for seven hours to work off these cheese burgers, duck fat chips and blue cheese salad. this place is the bomb. a real treat but worth every bloody mouthful. 

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