bali eats... lunch

in continuing on with my island discoveries, i can say that i am thinking about what i want for lunch, whilst eating breakfast. since first coming to bali in 2010, i whole heartedly think that the food movement here has grown in leaps and bounds. if you want organic, raw, vegan - its not a problem. there are now internationally recognised chefs starting up shop all over the place as they can see the potential food bubble bali is currently going through. nevertheless here are some of my personal favourite haunts at midday.


susheria - this place has quickly become one of my favourite spots as it literally combines two of my favourite cuisines, mexican and sushi. its genius. serious. the fresh sushi at this place has a mexican vibe, with black beans, gucamole and a fiery sauce or you can have sushi inspired burritos. anyways, you will find me here at least two days per week perched amongst the rice fields and munching on something delicious. (pic 1 below)

jungle - this is such a newby that its not on the internet yet, you can however drool over there instagram feed. the breakfast and lunch are both equally as yummy, i often pop in on the weekend and treat myself to the croque monsieur but if i really want to go all out, ill go in for lunch and munch on their homemade mushroom and parmasean tortellini with burnt sage butter. omg! (pic 2 below)

lantern - yum, yum and yummy. this vietnemese/thai fusion spot is to die for when wanting something distinctly asian. i stumbled upon this place whilst out on a scooter adventure and am so glad i did. its got a great vibe at night as well with local hipsters and expats alike vying for a table. (pic 3 below)

sea circus - an oldie but a goodie. we have been coming here for years. its consistently good which is why i think peeps coming back. you really can get a variety of things however again, their mexican offerings are usually my go-to. 

nook - this is a great spot in our area to make the most of the glorious bali surrounds and the idyllic ricefields. you cant not love nook. its open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is always busy with local indonesians, tourists and expats alike. i love the tuna sashimi for lunch with a nice cold bintang, but it does a cracking nasi goreng as well.

bo and bun - a great choice in seminyak is this fusion cafe. it is like a boutique hole in the wall that can easily be missed along the main drag. the soups and fresh salads at bo and bun are amazing. if you are on a mommouth shopping trip and walking from legian to seminyak, along the strip, stop in for a cold drink, a young coconut or a bowl of traditional pho. 

naughty nuri's - a little further afield, actually alot further afield is this iconic and rustic institution postitioned a little out of ubud. this warung is one of my must see spots when one visits ubud. it is expensive, its not a cheap ol' warung that you stop at on the side of the road. expect to pay $50AUD for two orders of rib, two sides of the creamy mashed potatoes and four bintangs (two is simply not enough) so in that regard it can be pricey but its worth it. 

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