bali eats... breakfast

well i have been in bali for just over a month now and can officially say that i have successfully eaten my way from legian right up to canggu and everywhere in between. when people say bali is cheap, it really can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. you can eat at a local warung for literally $2.50 or you can eat a buffet breakfast at a five star resort and it'll set you back $25. so - really your taste buds and your budget will guide you through your balinese culinary adventure.

with kurt being away one week on and one week off, i am often left to my own devices at meal times. this means that i am left with a conundrum on a daily basis, should i cook (which of course you all know i love to do) or do i venture out and see where the balmy bali air (and my motorbike) will take me?

when we first moved into our villa, which had to have a fully equipped western style kitchen, i envisaged cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner during the week days only to leave the eating out to weekends and when we occasionally have visitors. that was my plan and i was... sticking to it. however after attempting to do that for a full week, and on a new health kick and all, i went to the local market for fruit and vegetables, to the western supermarket for my meats and cheeses, essentially eating the way i would at home. 

so i took it upon myself to do a little experiment. based on what my weekly food budget, i would add that up and divide it between meals and essentially eat out for three meals a day, for a week. and the findings my friends were that it was pretty much the same to eat out than to stay in and cook. i am talking for one that is. so that being the case and given that kurt on a new roster, i am able to take my food explorations to new and exciting places and i hope you will enjoy coming on this journey with me.

so needless to say, i will start with breakfast, the most important meal of the day, which also happens to be my dads favourite meal of the day. i usually start my days off with a 730am high intensity cardio class which then sees me dragging my sweaty ass out of gym, onto the bike with laptop and mobile office in-toe and searching for a quick caffeine hit and some eggs. ill stop carrying on and let you in on some of my favourite am spots for breakfast or simply coffee, in and around my neighbourhood. 


revolver espresso - this spot not only has amazing baristas that know how to make a good latte, but also have great breakfasts. right from fruit salads and home made coconut granola to eggs on toast. two coffees and breakfast will set you back around $8.50-$10. (pic 3 below)

grain espresso - a little more expensive, but this australian owned and operated cafe is a safe bet if you are wanting a spread similar to what you have at home. kurt votes this place the best coffee in bali, which is saying alot!

betelnut cafe - a real locals spot in canngu, the coffee here is not amazing but the organic breakfast bowls and breakfast burritos are worth the wait for a table. 

grocer and grind - both the seminyak and canggu grocer and grinds are fantastic if you are wanting to escape the heat. both cafe's have an indoor and outdoor area but their breakfast menu is varied and great if you are going with a group of people all wanting different things. 

livingstone cafe and bakery - one of our fav places. this industrial bakery is great if you are wanting a good coffee and some fresh pastries. (pic 1 below)

pison coffee - the friendly staff are a big tick here. this is my favourite spot to escape when its raining and im looking for a spot to chill out, surf the internet and listen to a bit of jazz. note. the eggs benedict here are to die for. (pic 2 below)

cafe organic - this spot has all day breakfast and is a must visit for those on a health kick. i often find myself driving to this place during the week without really thinking. its usually filled with 50/50 expats and tourists however it always makes for an interesting mix. 

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