happy belated 2016

to my dear fans, follwers and fly-the-coopers, i am sincerely sorry that it has taken me so long to get my butt into gear and update this ol’ thing. happy 2016, i hope you can forgive my absence!

the last few months have been manic to say the least and since november a lot has changed. one fact being that i am updating this blog poolside in bali, our new home. how the hell did we go from hawaii and living on a boat in spain, to now calling bali home you ask? i will elaborate below.

after a year and a bit of calling ourselves “yachties” which it took us far and wide, was something we decided was not for us, at least for now and the foreseeable future. at the end of last season, most of the crew on the yacht we were on decided to move on and after taking some time out to decided what we really wanted and yachting at this point is not something we want to persue.

so that leads us to now and how the hell we ended up in indonesia. well family and friends and long term followers of the blog will know that bali is somewhere kurt and i hold close to our hearts, back since our first trip here in 2010 at the beginning on our epic six month backpacking trip throughout asia.

it has always been on our list of things to do before we die, live in bali for at least six months so hopefully we are able to tick that off our list, however now we are here and are establishing a lifestyle that we are already enjoying (yes even after 1.5weeks) who knows how long we will be here for…

the next thing is that both kurt and i worked hard to establish ourselves professionally before our yachting adventure and have been sublimely fortunate that we have jobs that allow us to be based in bali, for now at least.

with that being the case and my little rant over and done with, i hope im forgiven for my tardiness and will now ask you to follow our wanderings on social media because there are bound to be more adventures in the coming days, weeks and months, here are a few snaps from the past week... (instagram @jameedohery and @live.love.luxe.bali) 

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