a whip around hipster-ville....

yes yes i know that this little blogging bride to be has been very slack of late in the updates. i have a legitimate reason, i promise. i have been travelling for work, so whilst i won’t be able to update you at the moment with the wedding progress, i will update you with a few little snaps from my latest trip to london!

i returned from london at the end of last week in what was a manic twelve day trip to dubai and london. i love my job, i really do, however the travel element was not really factored into our larger plans of organizing a wedding and full scale renovation when we opted to plan a wedding in six months, so these latest travel stints have certainly thrown a spanner in the works.

this being said, i am following my trusty wedding planning guide and seem to still be ticking things off the list (i have also enlisted the services of a wedding stylist/on the day coordinator who is keeping me a little in check as well).

so whilst i technically had five full days in london, three of those were full up with work work so this guide is really an overview of my weekend, the spots we visited and maybe some you may like to check out when your next in good old london-town.

this trip i spent a lot of time in the north part of london; camden, soho, clerkenwall and stoke newington – so i was certainly hanging out with the hipsters, i was in a new neck of the woods.

saturday am

brunch at all press espresso followed by some delectable snacks and vintage shopping at broadway markets (i encourage you to go down some of the cute side alleys as this is where we found some beautiful hand crafted homewares and one of a kind jewelry).

saturday pm

make your way to morty and bobs for the best bloody mary i’ve ever had (it was also my first) and a bite to eat (gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches anyone).

if you are up for a bit of shopping and the thought of oxford circus freaks the living shit out of you, head to kings road off sloane square for some retail therapy.

once you’ve headed home to spruce up, head on out to bistrotheque for dinner (this place is a bit hard to find, but once you do, its uber amazing) before heading into shoreditch for some drinks at one of the many bars or clubs.

sunday am

head to clerkenwall for breakfast at granger and co (australian owned but man they do great coffee) or modern pantry.

from here colombia street flower markets are a beautiful way to spend a lazy sunday before heading into soho for a bite to eat. i found the bus the easiest way to get aroud these parts, its also quite pretty and fab people watching.

sunday pm

soho has many many great restaurants however we opted to dine at mele e pere, a fusion restaurant which serves up a fantastic french/italian menu. the pumpkin gnocchi with black truffle shavings was certainly my pick!

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