8 days at sea...

well here we are sitting in the pub having a pint of cider which means we have successfully and safely made an epic first journey via sea from spain to the uk. i bet you can guess what our welcome gift was when we arrived in the uk. you bet - rain, wind and a shit load more rain. it literally hasn't given up since we arrived on saturday; so here we are enjoying the not so delightful english summer. i will keep this short and sweet and outline a few of the high's and lows of our trip, i hope you enjoy.

day 1 and day 2: palma to gibraltar - glorious, gorgeous and everything magical. i mean dolphins at sunrise, rainbows and calm sailing. an ideal first start to the trip, cooking was a breeze, we tackled our first few days of a sea-tox (no alcohol when at sea) and life was generally great. my absolute highlight was waking up with spain to our right hand side and the coast off africa to the right as we were coming into gibraltar. a memory that was surely last a life time. 

day 3 and day 4: gibraltar to vigo - jamee is sea sick beyond belief. the wind is now directly on the nose. food makes me vomit and i am struggling to cook, sleep and function normally. kurt is great although feeling like he may fall out of his bunk when we are punching through the waves head on. he is full on into his three hours on and six hours off watch roster. at midnight on day 4 the grey tank bilge overflowed and covered the galley in chunks resembling vomit. the smell was a combination of vomit and off red meat. perfect for my sea sickness... need to make an emergency stop in vigo for the engineer. high point; we did see a few pods of whales, which was insanely rare and very special. 

day 5 and day 6: vigo to falmouth - we docked early in the morning and watched the local fishing boats, engulfed in seagulls, bring their catches in. the wind changed as we were leaving vigo and heading back out to sea. the stop in vigo helped me settle my sea sickness and i was able to eat food for the first time in days. the motion of the waves is now rolling side to side and on the fifth evening we have rain, 30 knot winds and the roughest night we have had yet. wake up to a glorious sunrise and some more cheeky dolphins playing in our wake.

day 7 and day 8: almost in falmouth - our final two days were good with conditions perfect for a yacht. up went the sails, but they didnt want to come back down - so we were stuck with a lot of sail up overnight and unable to bring them down, never matter; we were built to sail. jamee and kurt are enjoying the english channel when "land ahoy" and we were nearing on our final destination. after being boat bound for 24 hours we were finally able to get off on sunday evening and watch the sun set over the rolling green hills of cornwall. 


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