rolling with the punches...


in this industry you have to go with the flow 99.9% of the time because if you don’t then either one of two things happen. one, you get let down. case in point, your boats itinerary has changed and therefore you cannot make it back to bali for your friends wedding, to meet your friends in an exotic location for the tail end of their whirl wind backpacking trip through india or the family who flew to meet you will no longer get to see you for a myriad of reasons.

it’s a very unique feeling to know that your lively hood is dictated by someone else’s agenda and you don’t have a say in where you will be in two days, two weeks or even two months from now. or two, you can loosen up and take it in your stride and make the most of it and the places and/or things you may end up doing. 

being a virgo i find if difficult not to plan ahead. its biologically ingrained in me to plan, make lists and generally be organized in all aspects of my life but since travelling and joining yachting in particular i have had to relax my usual routine and give in to the fact that it can change literally as fast as the wind changes. and i have learnt to take it in my stride; so this being the case i would like to outline the ways our previous weekends have been spent just to give you a rough idea or just how random, yet exciting life can be just by rolling with the punches.

1 may | friday – 630pm: dock bbq with three other boats (sangria and sunshine is heaven), 830pm head to the beer festival, 1130pm take kurt home as he has had a bit too much fun at the beer festival

 2 may | saturday – 8am: work for three hours, 11am walk to post office to send post cards back to australia before enjoying breakfast on the born, 1230pm take the crew car to cala major for a few hours on the beach, 730pm head to beer festival for a drink, 830pm walk to the captains house for dinner and drinks before getting carried away and having to many wines while watching the sun set over palma and listening to nirvana and credence clear water revival, 2am meet up with some friends to watch the “big fight”, 3am jamee heads home and kurt stays on until 7am the next day…

 3 may | sunday – 930am: wake up and go for breakfast with a girl friend before wandering around the arab baths and soaking up some of the islands history, 1pm taxi to the beach to listen to a local band play on the beach and have some drinks, 530pm bbq at a crew members place on the other side of the bay.

8 may | friday – 630pm finish work and head to drinks at the wine industry with doherty family plus a few friends, 830pm dinner at nann street food, 1130pm everyone heads home but jamee stays out dancing until 300am

 9 may | saturday – 8am work for an hour, 930am jamee meets family for breakfast at hotel cort before shopping around town, 130pm meet kurt and head to the beach, 330pm meet tom and tim at hotel cort for some drinks, 630pm cocktails and dinner with the family at hotel cort

10 may | sunday – 9am breakfast with the family on the old town wall, 200pm jamee and kurt for three hours, 530pm bbq in santa maria del cami

15 may | friday – 630pm jamee on watch and winds blowing over 30knots on the dock, bbq on the dock while monitoring lines and fenders with kurt assisting some of the yachts around us secure their grounds lines as we are in for a very rough night

16 may | saturday – 930am walk to bellvue castle, 1030am breakfast in santa catalina before a spot of vintage shopping, 100pm wines and lunch in the old town at bi bap, 330pm beach, 630pm drinks on our friends yacht, 830pm head to a reggae festival that has popped up out the front of our ship yard and is full of dreadlocked hippes

17 may | sunday – 10am wake up and grab some breakfast on the boat (i.e. toast) before heading out to grab some thermals for the upcoming delivery to the uk, 1230pm lunch on the terrace at gp, 130pm head to the beach, 330pm back on the boat for the afternoon for a few more hours work

incase you opted not to read the above, it generally outlines some of the insane turns our weekends have taken which still cannot even compare to a “usual” weekend at home, back in australia. we are still having a ball close to nine months into embarking this journey and with us supposedly heading to the uk for the upcoming few months and the start of summer, we cant wait to see what our first med season has install for us.

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