chasing the sunshine in santa catalina...

coming off the back of an exceptionally sociable week (note. it was kurts birthday), all we wanted to do this weekend was chill out and relax. its been a bit nippy here the past few weeks, think howling wind and continuous rain, so i have been eagerly waiting for sunshine to appear on the forecast… this weekend it finally arrived!

i decided to celebrate with a spot of shopping at the santa catalina markets for both food and flowers. with fresh seafood, still wriggling, on offer - i stocked up on fresh salmon and beautiful fresh white roses, before grabbing some breakfast at one of the many cafes that are now out of their winter hibernation.

suffice to say, this weekend was full of coffees in the sunshine. mimosas and people watching. cooking up beautiful batches of minestrone soup and sipping red wine. and finally counting down the days until mi familia arrives next friday. 

p.s. sundays sees all of mallorca close down (i suppose they do call it the day of rest) and while composing this post and trawling through my photos i completely forgot about this gorgeous little drive we took a few weeks back to sant elm. 

a pretty little fishing village with picturesque little houses complete with gorgeous blue shutters, on the west of the island. it was the perfect setting for a low-key seafood lunch and i thoroughly enjoyed wandering the streets and soaking up the ambiance of this sleepy little spot.