son serra - a small seaside surf spot...

yachting certainly has many perks. this week however was one of the toughest we have had in terms of work load with kurt pulling a seven day week, me a six day week. with the boat going back into the water in two weeks i am sure this week will be no different.

this being the case, when the opportunity to hit the beach and get some surf arose late on saturday afternoon, the boys jumped at the chance. we closed the boat down and headed to the small seaside town of son serra in the north east of mallorca. 

the drive itself was unique in the fact that we went from the city, to the countryside with green rolling hills, to aired vineyards and then to the beach, all within an hour. this island is beautiful in the fact that there are so many diverse landscapes, you don't even feel like you are on an island. 

son serra itself is very small and sleepy with a few cafe's dotted along the beach to allow for the girls to lunch while the boys surf. while not comparable to the surf in our back yard, it was enough for kurt to get wet and have fun, as after seven months without a surf, he was chomping at the bit. 

with summer well on its way, this weekend marked the start of daylight savings and i must admit that it was lovely feeling the sand in between my toes, enjoying a cold beer while watching the surf and seeing the afternoon haze head towards the ocean from the mountains. 

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