a detour to deia...

we haven't had to opportunity to do much exploring the past few weeks, which comes down to a myriad of reasons. one being visitors, there have been a few marathons on which make it impossible to get the car in and out of our marina as well as the fact that the weather has not been entirely inviting and its a bit hard to navigate certain areas of the island with cloud cover and/or heavy rain.

today however we managed to coax a police officer into letting us out of the marina and head to valledemossa for lunch. after reaching this pretty and quaint village (which we will go to again at a later date) we decided to carry on and see if we could find a little spot with some sea views and ended up detouring to deia; a gorgeous coastal village perched the shadows of the mighty teix mountain. 

deia is home to many european artists, authors, musicians and poets and has been since the early 19th century and its easy to see why bohemians love this peaceful and inspirational town.

we walked the costal road and got a view of the ocean and its dramatic cliff faces and then opted to head into town to browse through some local pottery stores and gourmet delicatessens before taking in a delicious lunch on the terrace of a small bistro that overlooked some citrus orchards. 

deia is certainly somewhere we will be returning to when the weather gets warmer so we can take in some local art galleries, swim in a deserted cove and dine of freshly caught seafood at one of the sea-side restaurants that only open in the summer. long weekend anyone...? 

Jamee Parker1 Comment