spain has my heart...

as the weekend comes to a close, i can't help but feel like i have been walking on clouds for the past month. having the opportunity to call spain home is truly unbelievable and the mystique and beauty of this island continues to wow me. this past weekend not only saw my gorgeous friend jenna  and her friend che come and visit from london, but it gave us a good reason to jump on the train to port de soller and explore some more of this glorious place.

with a birthday celebration on the cards, there was no way we could have let the cold weather dampen our moods or spirits so after a fun filled and wine fuelled friday evening, we ventured out early on saturday to soller.

the train ride itself was worth the journey (cue. 100 year old wooden train complete with a conductor and air whistle), with snow capped mountains, cherry blossom trees and citrus orchards lining the way from palma all the way inland to our final destination. it was a breathtaking journey and one i vow to take every single visitor we get, on. 

once we arrived in town, we were welcomed by the local saturday mercardo (market) bustling with olives, cured meats and cheeses before taking the tram down to the port to take in a leisurely walk and some celebratory sangrias. 

hot on the list for the girls was a quintessential seafood paella and they were not disappointed as we headed back to soller for a delectable lunch of tapas, red wine and black paella. needless to say, i think i was definitely spanish in a previous life as this culture seems to agree with me far too much...

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