a stroll around our neighbourhood...

we can't believe this monday will mark a month of being in spain and we couldn't be more enchanted by a place. read kurt is trawling the internet as i type for real estate websites listing places to potentially purchase. we are starting to feel like locals, not that we speak fluent spanish, but we have found our local pub, represent at tapas tuesday and have adapted to the four seasons in the same hour which requires a ridiculous amount of layering up before heading out; only to remove when the sun emerges from the clouds. 

i am afraid that we have been here long enough now that the beauty of the places we see every day sometimes escapes us but after returning just now from lunch (menu del dia or menu of the day) which was seven tapas and a draft beer for seven euro each and a coffee overlooking the marina, we took a different route home and got to wonder some streets we were yet to discover - which was just enough of a kick in the bum for me to take some photos. 



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