a year as a yachtie...


well after our first year spent on the high seas, we are yet to decide if we can call ourselves true yachties. this past year has been an absolute roller-coaster and while we have thoroughly enjoyed the ride, it’s a bit hard to comprehend whats gone down since leaving australia in september 2014.

we have lived in florida, done a quick fly in fly out trip to costa rica for a visa run, worked on the tenth largest sailing yacht in the world, lived in spain for five months, travelled the east coast of the uk, holidayed in paris, enjoyed rose in st tropez and watched beautiful classics docking  while bagpipes played and canons fired hile welcoming one another into port, not to mentioned that we are currently working on the most photographed yacht in the world and just took out the 2015 les volies de st tropez regatta…  so yes its been a big bloody awesome fantastic year.

living and working in close confines with people you would not necessarily cross paths with can at times be challenging, but it can also be extremely rewarding. suffice to say, we have met and made some life long friends and some not so great characters – those are the more “interesting” characters that i will keep to discussing over a few glasses of vino.

both kurt and i came into this industry being told it was fantastic but no way in hell were two green crew members as a couple going to get a job together. well we were certainly lucky in that regard and sticking to our guns has paid off in dividends. there are days when we retire to our cabin and look at each other and say, i couldn’t do this without you, here. however we know couples that make it work… but for now, that’s just not us.

yachting is an epic way to travel and see the world, but you also work your butt off. weeks can go by without a day off and you have to be prepared somewhat to see the world, through a porthole. yes its also a good way to save money, as on most yachts a majority of your expenses are covered, but you do have to give a lot of what you love up (ie. surfing, fishing, family and friends), for the almighty dollar.

so after a year, we have certainly made the most of what has come our way. we have no regrets and have had an absolute blast. but for now, we are not sure if this life is for us long term or whats around the corner. you've seen the positives in the many blogs I've penned the last year and i've detailed some of the negatives (to paint an accurate picture or what this industry is about) so bring on the caribbean season and many more crazy adventures...

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