take a hike...

it has become somewhat of a tradition for the crew on our boat to hike their way through the rother walking guide of mallorca, which generally lists a bunch of amazing hikes and walks all over the island. with an interesting mix of different inland mountain ranges, dramatic seaside cliffs and an arid flat inland, this place certainly caters for all shapes and sizes.

i will admit that when we committed to this initial hike, i was picturing a semi-pathed path with mile stone signs and a lot of other people hiking the same trail. little did i know that we were in for one of the most difficult hikes on the island and there was no way in hell we were ever going to see another group of hikers.

the sign that greeted us at the entrance to the walk (situated at the beautiful mortix vineyard - yes we got a nice bottle of vino) stated that this walk was only for extremely fit and experienced hikers with all the proper equipment (read. ropes, hiking shoes, gps, proper maps etc.) instead it was us... a bunch of ill-experienced, not so fit, tourists with a picnic. so when it stated that people have died on this trackā€¦ we may have taken in the warnings. instead we scrambled up and down steep rock faces, with no ropes and our nike running shoes. it was a difficult but very rewarding hike and the viewing point we chose to stop at in the middle of the hike is something we will both never forget. 

with goats, lambs, a vineyard, waterfalls, wild rosemary and the balearic sea as our back drop - is there a better way to spend a saturday while exploring your new home? well maybe. thats to celebrate the next day with a delicious bbq at our place to celebrate australia day with our pommy crew over too many red wines. 

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