a change in the wind brings new opportunities...

i am a big believer in a smile going along way. if you choose to smile at a stranger in the early morning, your single act of kindness might change the evolution of that persons day, or a simple hello may turn into a new friendship. 

on the very day we arrived in fort lauderdale and started our stcw95 training, kurt said hello to the first person that walked into the cafeteria. that person ended up being a fellow new zealander, the captain of a beautiful yacht and the husband to a wonderful and charismatic chief stewardess. we chose to stay in contact with those cool dudes, just because… 

and so now we are moving to palma de mallorca, spain on sunday to join the crew on one of kurts dream boats, one of the j-class sailing yacht fleet. we will be racing with some of the best race crew in the world (yes, america's cup sailors) and cruising the med this summer. this literally is a dream come true and we are pinching ourselves every second. 

to you aspiring yachties flooding the streets of fort lauderdale trying to get into the industry, be friendly, you never know if that person in line at starbucks on se 17th street is a captain or a first mate looking for crew. be nice, because the peeps you least expect are often the ones willing to give you that first step up. 

we have been exceptionally lucky, especially being able to mention working on the mesmerising felicita west these past two months, but this game is all about hard work and persistence. if you have both of those things under your belt, you never know where you'll end up. (apply that to all things in life and it'll be pretty sweet). 

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