an aerial view of new york...

our days in new york while numbered have literally been chock-a-block. half an hour after we landed and got to our apartment we were invited to a fantastic roof-top party to celebrate the jewish new year. with the grill fired up, we met local artists from the brooklyn area and enjoyed wine with the many hipster-jews that call williamsberg home. thursday was spent wandering the streets in the drizzle and stopping at any coffee shop that looked like it served decent coffee while thursday night we enjoyed dinner overlooking manhattan and watching the spectacular sunset. 

friday day was spent exploring greenpoint, vintage shopping and enjoying mexican comida (food) before hopping on the east river ferry and heading downtown where we enjoyed an amazing helicopter tour of manhattan. all before heading to greenwich village and enjoying a magnificent italian cooking class where we learnt how to make homemade gnocchi. today was spent dining in trendy neighbourhood red hook where we enjoyed famous crab sandwiches while chatting to some sailors we met, onto this briefly below.

our airbnb host christo hooked us up (majorly) and today we spent a great chunk time touring the maserati super maxi yacht and sipping espresso with one of the italian crew members. but wait there's more. not only did we meet michele (maserati crew) but we also hung out with syliva, a photography stylist and producer for glossy magazines and whose apartment featured in sex and the city, a sailor who has not only lined us up to do some sailing in fort lauderdale but has also passed our contact details on to a couple looking to sell a hallberg rassy...

the coincidence in this tale is that of all the sailors we were to meet anywhere in the usa, sylvia happens to know the couple selling the exact hallberg rassy we have been eyeing off on yachtworld. you tell me - was this a complete fluke or a sign…? 

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