back into the old boring swing of things…

well coop-ettes! its official. we are back into our old, boring routine. working long days, only playing on the weekends and barely seeing each other during the weeks. this week marks being back (from our amazing three month adventure) for approximately two months and its devastating.

you will remark that we sold our house prior to setting off to see the usa, canada and latin america and were planning a big adventure upon our return. this is still the case, however life sometimes becomes a little more complicated. life is complicated. kurt had his final module to complete for his rope access qualification, i am bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding in september and we both had jobs to return to. along with copious other distractions, like friends having babies etc.

so I feel that we are now stuck in a little bit of a rut. we have the opportunity to head off on a remarkable adventure and buy a yacht, our ultimate goal for a gruelling two year renovation, but the timing seems to be off. boats will always be more expensive before the summer sailing season, so on that front – we will have to wait until at least september.

we could go and travel between now and then, maybe to india and come back to australia in september before heading off to the usa/europe or do we embark on something totally random that enables us to see the world, work seasonally and make some new lifelong friends along the way? what are your thoughts? any suggestions on where the wind should blow us?

these pics are a range of the past few weeks, which saw me down in sydney for work and some other little sneaky snaps of life on the gold coast. 

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