five days in costa rica…

being located in the florida certainly has its benefits... like being able to fly to some amazing and exotic locations in two and a half hours for one. last week, after a manic three week owners charter (more on that later) we were able to get out of town for a bit of a holiday to one of our favourite spots, costa rica. 

after an exceptionally long travel day, which was made longer by the fact that we both had manic hangovers, we arrived in puerto viejo on the usually sunny but sometimes rainy caribbean coast. 

our days were spent meandering the beautiful and quaint roads on bicycle, spotting sloths and toucans while stopping in at cafes to enjoy a cold cerveza. kurt has been a bit stir crazy after not surfing for three months so we were able to rent him a surf board so he could satisfy his need to get shacked. 

i must say that this trip was made easy by a beautiful boutique hotel and a great travel company which enables you to book everything online, such as tours, transfers and all things costa rica related. i highly recommend these two spots if you are looking at heading to cr sometime soon, gecko trail adventures and le cameleon hotel in puerto viejo. 

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