waddup south beach...

miami is notorious for attracting the uber rich and crazy famous as a virtual playground. at the moment, we can certainly vouch that its a hot spot for those looking to escape the heavy winter that is still blanketing most of the usa. fast cars, super yachts and seven star mega hotels grace the streets of south beach, which somewhat scarily resembles the gold ol' gc (gold coast)… just a little.

we spent a lovely few days taking in the low-key miami vibe by beach going, walking the art-deco lined streets and doing a spot of shopping. managing to stay at one of miami's most boutique hostels (freehand), we were in the thick of it as far as bars and restaurants are concerned. and after a few months of travelling through the spanish-dominated central america, it was nice being able to easily navigate the public transport system and ask directions.

depending on what type of "vacation" you want to have in miami, there are a myriad of different attractions one might be enticed to take in. disneyland in orlando, the everglades, a scenic boat tour, kiteboarding lessons or even the hop on hop off bus. none of these were on our itinerary however as we were wanting to take in the sights on our own time and agenda.

day one was spent celebrating kp's birthday, so drinks were definitely called for after a long-ass travel day. on day two we made our way to the lincoln road shopping precinct, before heading to the picturesque espanola way for a bite to eat. day three was a mission (two buses, one train, one metro mover and another bus) to coconut grove to the coconut grove sailing club. kurt wanted to browse some of the yachts for sale, however were told that it was a "private club" only for guests. so a quick hiatus was necessary. it was not a complete lost cause though, as we found the main street of coconut grove amazing for eateries. our last day was spent taking in some local pop-up art and fashion stores, walking ocean drive and having a few afternoon cocktails (gin, lavender, honeycomb and citrus infused) and watching a storm role in over the ocean.

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