bumping and grinding in cuba...

la habana is an intoxicating mix of tobacco, sea and salsa. an amazing city where musicians grace the corners of every block, colonial buildings cast shadows over years old churches and crumbling buildings line cobble stone streets. an amazing place that few journey too, but easily one of the most beautiful cities we have been fortunate enough to immerse ourselves in.

having quickly learned that you cannot have any preconceived notions about any place in latin america, habana is an idyllic city where old meets new, but the new is what we would consider in australia, old and decrepit – in need of some serious tlc.

after checking into our hotel we opted to wonder the streets of old habana to grasp our bearings and get a feel for the place, but before we knew it, we were sipping rum and cokes and watching locals salsa in the street. a real treat for us as newbies to the city.

as spectators to an amazing open air opera that we stumbled upon on our first evening of a re-enactment of the bible, which was easily the most amazing musical performance both of us have ever witnessed, we knew cuba was going to be something amazing.

we have pondered the streets of old habana, stayed in an amazing and casa particular (more to come), sight-seen in new habana, graced the beaches of cayo santa maria (possibly one of the best beaches in the caribbean) and taken our el spanol to the next level, cuba will be one to beat.

Jamee ParkerComment