sayonara for now...

well peeps we are finally on our way back to australia with a whopping $142.95 left in my travel account. we came in under budget with a few extra pennies to spend in duty free.

it has been an amazing six months of adventure and i can honestly say, it has been the trip of a life time. we couldn't be happier with how it had turned out and couldn't have hoped for anything more.

we set off with no expectations and have been blown away by the people, places and experiences we have encountered and can't wait to plan our next getaway.

after careful deliberation, the votes are in on our favourite places, tours, accommodations and foods and some of our worsts. enjoy.

top ten places we visited (in no particular order):

1. perentian islands, malaysia
2. luang prabang, laos
3. nusa lembongian, indonesia
4. hoi an, vietnam
5. koh phi phi island, thailand
6. sihanouville, cambodioa
7. phu quoc island, vietnam
8. singapore
9. inle lake, burma
10. hakuba, japan

other worthy mentions: chiang mai - thailand, siem reap - cambodia, kyoto - japan, suzhou - china, hong kong and bali - indonesia

favourite accommodation (to close to call)

1. the viking resort, thailand
2. the island hotel bali, indonesia
3. the golden temple villa, siem reap
4. three amigos, phu quoc

best day trip:

1. long tail day trip, phi phi island
2. snorkelling tour, perentian islands
3. the great wall tour, beijing
4. inle lake tour, burma

favorite sunset:

1. 4000 islands, cambodia
2. nusa lembongian, indonesia

best waves:

1. nusa lembongian, indonesia
2. bingin, indonesia

best beach:

1. dream beach, perentian islands

favourite cusine: (overall)

1. thailand

best brew:

1. bintang, indonesia
2. saigon export, vietnam
3. beer lao, laos

best curry:

1. thai mussaman curry

nicest races of people:

1. japanese
2. burmese

best snow:

1. niseko, japan

best shopping:

1. phuket, thailand
2. saigon and hanoi, vietnam

favourite temple/pagoda:

1. shwedagon, burma

most worthy splurge:

1. the royal austin hotel, medan

best seafood:

1. nias, indonesia
2. sihanoukville, camdodia

best markets:

1. nishiki fish markets, japan

best resturants:

1. vientianne and luang prabang, laos
2. chaing mai, thailand

favourite cities:

1. singapore
2. shanghai, china

worst bus trips:

1. yangon - inle lake
2. 4000 Islands - siem reap

most people in a minivan:

1. 17, cambodia

worst accommodation:

1. sunflower youth hostel nanjing, china

most gruelling travel days:

1. perentian islands - penang - krabi - koh phi phi (three full days)
2. nias - medan - singapore (25 hours)
3. phuket - bangkok - chiang mai (30 hours)

worst crash:

jamee takes the cake in canggu, indonesia
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