konichiwa y'all...

too say we have had an amazing japanese experience is an understatement and we have only checked off two of the five stops on our itinerary. since my last post we have visited the tsukiji fish markets and gained entry to restricted areas, enjoyed the sunset in tokyo bay while eating ebi-tempura mcdonalds burgers, enjoyed steamed buns roadside with mt. fuji in the distance and had five amazing days in the snow. i can now officially say we are "living the dream".

bound for hakuba, we hopped on the bus at shinjuku and waved goodbye to tokyo. the four and a half hour bus ride was spectacular as we wound through the japanese alps, passing mount fuji on our way. as the bus slowly emptied, we carried on to the very last stop and had finally arrived in hakuba village. what greeted us was an amazing, beautiful and picturesque town covered in snow - also home to the nagano 1998 winter olympic games. our time spent here has been indescribable and we really have been lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time with two days of sunshine and two days of snow.

our great hosts, chloe and ben, have shown us an amazing time and we were able to say thanks by running the bar attached to their resturant last night for a few laughs. today we rode powder until our hearts were content (and the visibility got to poor) with the lovely jenna, so doherty and parker clans - eat your hearts out.

pics. tokyo bay, fish markets, mt fuji, kurt on our first day in the snow and hakuba.