the bangkok blues...

today we set off for myanmar and we couldn't be happier. we have been in thailand now for 25 days and are ready for a change of scenery. the past few days have been a little tedious and i can honestly say that we have made an effort to enjoy bangkok 'the city of angles' but it has come to no avail. since my last post we have been on a day trip a few hours out of the city, only to be ripped off. it seems that you pay money for a tour that only drops you at the destination, you have to pay additional fees and charges to actually see what you thought you were paying to see in the first place. we saw the entrance to the floating markets, which were quiet special, but it really did set to day off on a bad note.

we then traveled further to kanchanaburi, a major hub for japanse soliders during world war two. we got to tour a war museum and see some of the reminiscent's of what took place over 50 years ago. this part of the day was humbling, as was the opportunity to walk over the bridge over the river kwai, which was built by prisoners-of-war (pow's) from 1942 to 1943. many of the prisioners that were taken cative were from australia and new zealand and so kurt has bought a few books to further learn about this part of our history.

the final facet of the day was visiting the tiger temple which was a whole different drama. the short of it, we were not instructed about certain dress regulations and were not allowed in, so we traveled three hours for nothing. kurt ending up wearing a skirt for a few hours but i was able to go in wearing his shorts. looking like a total cross-dresser, might i add. it was a great experience, that was unfortunately over shadowed by an arrogant and stubborn tour guide. i will be able to expand on this in my thailand wrap up, in a few days.

pics... the infamous khao san road, the floating markets, bridge over river kwai, me at the tiger temple and kurt in a skirt.