we have stumbled across the pot of gold and the end of the rainbow...

well at least singapore seems that way after a month in indonesia... no longer do we miss what’s ahead of us on the side walks because were busy looking down, making sure we don’t step on something dead and/ or suspicious looking. ours heads are up - as we move forward into the second month of our adventure.

singapore, while being the cleanest city in the world is small, unique and decidedly very traveller friendly. to date we have used most methods of public transport, including buses, trains, trams and taxi’s. day one (tuesday) in singapore was spent finding accommodation after our 24 hour ordeal from nias to medan and then to singapore. the second day we decided to get a feel for the place and walked until we literally could walk anymore. it was at this point in the day we gave in to the luxurious air-conditioning that beckoned us into one of the mega malls situated on orchard avenue.

day three (wednesday) we decided to pack a picnic lunch and bus it to the botanical gardens which was an absolutely amazing place that we will visiting again, this trip. we will however, have a chilled bottle of vino, some soft cheeses and olives to accompany us – along with mum and dad. later in the day we treated ourselves to a movie, a comfort well worth the seven dollars we paid. thursday we took the train to the singapore zoo and spent the day walking around and taking in the 28 hectare open plan sanctuary. tonight we cabbed it into chinatown for dinner and straight away fell in love with the authenticity and ambience of the lantern-lit streets, bustling food stalls and markets.

yesterday (friday) we packed a picnic and headed to east coast park for a lazy day and nap on the grass, alongside the strait of singapore. we then headed to clarke quay a beer and glass of vino before heading back into the city for a walk around the singapore art museum. the next for fews days will be filled at the beach on sentosa island, curry munching in little india as well as celebrating, yours truly’s, birthday...

pics. a happy snap of us enjoying a $1 twister cone and a mixed bag from singapore zoo.