into the sunset we go...

unfortunately, we are back in legain and have left the paradise that is nusa lembongian. tomorrow we hit indonesia’s airports for two days straight. our week of sipping cold bintangs, watching the sunset and working on our tans is over and we head up into the unknown, sumatra. nias is known worldwide for its legendry status as surf utopia, kurt has checked the wave forecast and is getting excited for the predicted peak in ocean swells.

this sunday will mark our first three weeks away however it feels as though we have been gone three months. we are still getting into the swing of things and still find ourselves snickering when our to-do lists are as simple as take a shower, organise tomorrow’s allowance and remember to go to the book swap store. to those of you who knew the long to-do lists we had before we left, you will be able to appreciate how mundane our new daily tasks now seem.

our budgets are still in check and we are getting by some days well under our $50.00 allocation. the past few days have seen us meet some amercian couples who are getting by on much less. ahh... there is hope after all.

pics. new friends, sunset and the happy travellers.