day 3 – bali...

sights smells and sounds. without an expectation of what it would be like; bali has not exceeded nor disappointed me. last night was my first real taste of bali and i had an experience that i absolutely recommend for a first timer to the area. heading into kuta for dinner and drinks our decided mode of transport was: the back of a locals scooter. winding our way through back allies in the darkness, weaving through night bazaars and narrowly pushing through crowed laneways, my hair went from wet to dry in 10 seconds. with my heart beating a million miles a second after disembarking from our honda’s, i felt like a local, getting from a to b.

today was another experience in itself, when an extremely hung-over kurt decided to dink me on his scooter to uluwatu. our forty minute drive, came to take well over an hour. patiently getting from legian kuta in peak hour morning traffic, we arrived at bali’s busiest round about only to get pulled over from the polis (police). motioning us to the side of the round about, kurt engaged in a 20 minute bribe session which saw our ‘alleged’ fine go from 250,000IDR to 50,000IDR by the time we were allowed to motor on.

leaving kurt to navigate the roads, i observed rice paddies on the city fringes, cows chickens goats and dogs roaming free on the highway and deserted buildings filled with rubbish to the brink with skinny old men ploughing their way through the heaps to find plastic bottles and cans in which to trade in for money.

arriving at our destination, finally, it was well worth the wait and then some. with the surf cranking, kurt headed into the water while i took up my position on the some-what deserted beach monkeys climb the hugh limestone cliffs that line the sea. to shortly summarise, its a place of the gods.

suffice to say, i will definitely be back.