with a little over a week to go before we depart, the to-do list is still rather long and im seriously procrastinating...

i have received my asos shipment of bikini’s and much needed kaftans, which will see me through my time away with a little glamour, so this is a tick... however, our farewell party is tomorrow night and i am still deciding on the food, drinks and an overall theme – so i had better get a move on now, with over 50 people rsvp’ing.

tomorrow will be my last day of work, before i officially become ‘un-employed’ and a lady of leisure – ready to take on the world. our first stop is bali, of which im a first time visitor and long time lover.

i studied the language at school until grade 10, which was always rather random when others schools were learning japanese, italian, french and chinese. in this instance it think it will be quiet useful – i will spend next week brushing up on my bahasa indonesian.

selamat tinggal!
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