its monday and officially six days till we depart...

yesterday while sipping coffee and eating croissants on a concrete windowsill at ferry road markets, kurt and i found ourselves discussing what we would be doing at that exact time next week. which we concluded would be doing the same thing at, drinking coffee and nibbling on french pastries at Brisbane international airport and on an eight hour countdown to our first cocktail in balmy bali.

in all honesty the weekend was not as productive as we would have liked with saturday almost a complete write-off. the friday night bon voyage party was aptly appropriate. our wonderful group of friends and family all participated in sending us off on our journey in the best way we see fit, with drinks food and soulful beats.

sunday was spent with the olds drinking tea and scoffing down cinnamon scrolls which, ahem, i avoided. with not a worry in the world or the notion of being bikini ready in a matter of days even a mere forethought, kurt had enough for the both of us.
Jamee ParkerComment