flythecoop is dedicated to the adventures of jamee (and co.) a fashion, travel and beauty writer with a bad case of the wanderlust. her favourite things include writing, food, wine and photography intertwined with bouts of international travel. currently living in australia.                                                                                                                                                                upon turning 30 in 2017, i vowed to visit at least one new country per year, so stay tuned for many more adventures to come.


with so many amazing family and friends all over the world as well as a fun, supportive and loving husband, these peeps feature heavily on my adventures. 


australia, belize, burma, cambodia, canada, china, costa rica, cuba, el salvador, england, fiji, france, gibraltar, guatemala, honduras, indonesia, italy, japan, laos, malaysia, mexico,             new caladonia, new zealand, nicaragua, panama, qatar, singapore, spain, thailand, uae, usa, vanuatu.